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5 Most Popular Zemanta Posts from February You Should Read

1. Strategy: Zemanta Launches Content Discovery Network

No surprise here. At the beginning of February, Zemanta launched a new content recommendation network. It was really well received by you. Here Bostjan gives an overview of the new product.

2. Creating Your First Business Model Prototype: 3 Major Tips

Marko Savic in his debut post for this blog gives 3 major tips for generating your first business model prototype. Moreover, the post includes a wonderful story of a blogger who… Well, just read it. You won’t regret it.

3. 3 Types of Online Business Models

It looks like we should publish more on business models. Sara Bozanic describes three most commonly used business models on the Web: made for the Web, brand extension, and the transmedia model.

4. Content Marketing Strategy: You’re Asking Wrong Questions

I think you’re asking yourself wrong questions when it comes to developing your content marketing strategy. What should you be asking instead?

5. Content Delivery: Introducing a Simple Way to Get More Subscribers

Julien Genestoux introduces a new project – SubToMe. It is specifically designed for publishers. Check it out.


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